Safe Holidays

Safe Holidays

As your hosts, we have prepared ourselves and taken every precaution so that you will feel completely at your ease especially in these times of Covid-19. This, together with your responsible behaviour, will ensure you enjoy a safe and carefree holiday.ù

You will also find the currently applicable provisions for safe interpersonal contact via this link: https://www.idm-suedtirol.com/de/tourismus/re-opening.html.

If you feel ill before your arrival, if you are aware of a suspected case, or if you have been in contact with a confirmed case, for our mutual protection we would ask you not to travel and instead to visit us at a later date.

If symptoms develop during your stay, please stay in your room and contact us. We will immediately contact the health authority for further instructions, which must then be followed. Under no circumstances should you attempt to see a doctor in South Tyrol on your own account if you develop symptoms.