Relaxing circulatory massage approx.50 Min. € 70

This massage soothes the muscles, relaxes and helps eliminate stress and toxins. Excellent for recovery. Gives new energy and a feeling of general well-being.

Meridian massage approx. 50 Min. € 70

Energy massage that gives new energy. Stimulates the energy path of the meridians to regain new energy and feel fit. Helps eliminate tiredness and stress

Foot reflexology approx. 45 Min. € 55

This technique involves stimulating various points on the foot to restore balance to the body. It is useful for eliminating stress and fatigue, improving lymphatic and blood circulation and rebalancing the body's vital energy

YOGA every Wednesday at 16.00 € 20 per person.

Very simple body exercises with multiple benefits. Yoga helps to increase concentration and focus, to be present to oneself, improves recovery and makes us feel happier and lighter.

For reservations, please ask at breakfast.